Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. We bagan by decorating eggs (again:) ). Cole had a great time decorating his by hitting a buttong that would spin his egg and decorate it. We had a blast watching him.

Putting in the egg!

Now go Cole go! Hit it!!!

Parker went the old fashioned route this time around with coloring them and then adding stickers or paper wraps. He had fun using a hair dryer to get the wraps to stick. Sometimes they tried to roll off the table which got a lot of laughs. Earlier in the week he enjoyed using the spinner with his cousin Paxton.

Happy Easter!!!

On Easter Sunday we woke up to wonderful treats from the Easter Bunny then it was off to church. After church we all went to Gigi and Poppy's for a great lunch, Easter Egg hunt and lots of fun.

I Love Jelly Beans!

Grass anyone?

The boy loves to climb!

Finding Easter eggs

Sweet boys!!!

Happy Easter everyone!

Silly boys!

Parker recently began Soccer Shots which he is really enjoying. For those unfamiliar with Soccer Shots, they teach kids the basics of soccer in a fun way, they do not have games and it is typically for kids who are not yet old enough for soccer teams. He absolutely LOVES getting his soccer gear on each week. We are all having fun with this.

Yup, the kid still loves dressing up. This is such a fun age!!!

And this kid loves getting into things as you will see. I literally turned to put food in the dogs bowls and little Cole Baby left us, went to the bathroom and had a blast.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tear duct surgery #2

Wednesday the 10th we were in Wilmington yet again for tear duct surgery for both of Cole's eyes. He had one surgery in April but his ducts were too small for the tubes so the procedure didn't fully fix the problem. We were referred to the next specialist for a more invasive procedure. This time they probed, irrigated and then ballooned out the ducts. He was then to have tubes placed in both ducts. They got one in the right however when it came time for the left (the worse of the two) it tightened and the tube could not be inserted. He tried mulitple times but had to stop. He said this has never happened to him before. Of course it hasn't, until Cole :) He handled everything well. Had quite a bit of swelling and bruising but he returned to himself in no time and is continuing to do well. Lets just pray this fixes the problem.

Cole with his good luck froggy from Aunt Kerry and Uncle Nick.
He went back with him and kept him company during surgery when we couldn't be there.
Thanks guys. He loves him.
Almost time to get this party started.

Cole with his Y's on his head. The doctor was laughing that he had to do this even though Cole was having both eyes worked on. Guess better safe than sorry.

Poor baby!
This was later that afternoon. Not all the bruising had come in yet but you can see how swollen he is. He looks pitiful, but he would try so hard to smile at you and play.
He is such a good boy!

Let's go camping!!!

We've been intending on getting rid of Parker's pacy for the past several months however with all that has gone on in our lives that was quickly put on the back burner. We had a few cute books to help introduce the idea to Parker because even though he only has it at nap and bedtime we knew he really was using it to self calm. In one of the books he was intrigued by a "fall camping trip". We kept telling him that you can't take a pacy camping so when he got rid of it we would go. Well last week we made a pacy box. He decorated it, had one last night with pacy and then the next morning put it in the box and sealed it with his favorite disney characters. They are in charge of taking care of it. And well let's just say that we said bye bye to pacy! Yeah!!! He did great! No screaming just extra tossing and turning in bed before knocking out. Downfall is bye bye pacy = bye bye naps. He can not fall asleep at naps no matter how tired he is. He is required to have down time in his room though.
And we did keep our promise. Last weekend Wally, Parker and I loaded up the camping gear and went camping. Cole got to stay with Nana and Grandad. We had a great time. Parker loved helping put up the tent. We enjoyed roasting hot dogs and marshmellows and just being outside. It was in the 30's that night but we had enough to keep us warm.
We look forward to doing this again soon.

Parker helping put up the tent.
Daddy has such good patience and lets him help as much as possible.

When can we use this?

Peek a boo

Yay camping!

Roasting yummy marshmellows

Night Night

Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Halloween

We had a great Halloween week. It was filled with a pumpkin patch at Parker's preschool, his preschool class had a party at Jump n Jax, lots of Halloween goodies, few fall festivals and of course pumpkin carving. The boys had a great time trick or treating and we did too. We even had an unexpected surprise, but you'll have to wait a see what it is in the pictures.

Cole experiencing the inside of a pumpkin for the first time.

Mommy and Parker's pumpkin

We have a race car driver!!!

and a rock star!!!

Wait! We only have 2 kids. So who is this cute little monkey? Wait it is cousin Paxton!
Yep he and Aunt Susie surprised us all and drove down from VA to spend Halloween with everyone. It was so special to have them with us for trick or treating.

"Hey Parker, I dare you to go touch that tomb stone with me."
Aunt Susie had some extra fun ideas for Parker while we were trick or treating.
He loved them all.
Gigi and Cole winding down after a great Halloween.
As you can see the hair is still going strong though.
Poppy and Parker.
Don't they look like they have had some fun?

The whole crew hopes everyone had a wonderful Halloween.
We can't wait for next year. Oh yes, Parker is already talking about it.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good Morning!

Cole puts a whole new meaning to bed head!
We really did absolutely nothing to this hair. He came out of bed like this.
Gotta luv it.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Silly Brothers, Need I Say More?